Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Could Xfinity's New Streampix Put A Damper In Netflix

This week Comcast is set to launch it's new Streampix for current Comcast users. Will this be enough to challenge Netflix's current dominance in the streaming market? As of late Netflix has made some flops with their current business model, Qwikster anyone, but with the new Streampix with cable giant Comcast behind it could this put a damper on Netflix? Likely not, at least not immediately. The new Streampix will be available only to existing customers and not those not currently subscribed to Comcast services. Furthermore, the company will not offer their product on gaming consoles until next year when it will be available exclusively on the Xbox. The service will be similar in scope to Hulu So yes, Netflix users may be shaking their fists at Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings a little while longer waiting for a legitimate competitor to the current online streaming video service crown.
Could Xfinity\'s New Streampix Put A Damper In Netflix

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