Monday, September 5, 2011

Apple loses iPhone prototype...again

So this is kinda hilarious to me. Apple lost another iphone prototype in another bar. This time it was the iphone 5 at a San Francisco bar called Cava 22. Now if that wasn't bad enough Apple investigators impersonated police officers to gain access to a mans home to look for the lost phone. The whole situation is kinda retarded. You would have thought Apple would have learned their lesson last year when they lost the iphone 4. Furthermore, who the fuck are these dumbass employees that keep losing these phones in bars?


  1. I dont get why anyone would want an iphone anyway Evo is the way to go. *yawn*

  2. Well android is better operating system...and you can download porn apps all day!! I would love to get my hands on any apple prototype though as you could sell it to another company so they can reverse engineer the fuck out of it and compete with the new apple phone before it even hits shelves.