Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Facebook to Release Music Service Later This Month

So I'm kinda stoked about this. Apparently Facebook is set to release a music service with the help of MOG Spotify and Rdio to let people stream music on the site. I've been wondering about this a long time since I started up on Facebook, in the heyday of MySpace. That was one thing I always preferred about MySpace was the ability to stream music right from my site and have my own little playlist. Well finally it's on Facebook. Some of the details so far are sketchy as the companies involved are tight lipped about it. Likely it will be similar to something like music radios such as Pandora or Spotify with an ad here and there so Facebook can help to further Monetize their site. Wondering why it's taken this long but I'm sure it's just like everything else Facebook does if they aint makin' money they aint doin' it.

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